Jansen & sixel landscaping LLC


With more than 25 years of experience and a timely response, we can provide you with the best landscaping services in Sheboygan County.

6-Step Lawn Fertlization Program

Keep that lawn looking great through the Fall season and healthy enough to come back strong in the spring! We have 2 licensed and trained employees that can apply a 6-step fertilizer to your lawn. Contact us today to learn more about our 6-Step program that can be customized to your needs. Click to learn more.

Snow removal

Sheboygan County comes with lake effect snow in the winter and there is no reason you need to worry about it. Contact us today to learn more.

Parking Lots

If your business has a parking lot, don’t leave your customers stuck in the snow. We can have your parking lot cleared of snow before your business opens for the day. 


Keeping your business safe from icy conditions on the walkways, parking lots and stairs is top priority. We can stop by your Sheboygan County business before employees and customers arrive.

Free Estimates

Whether you are a residential or commercial client, we can offer a free estimate for the services we provide. Just call or email us and we can setup a time to meet and give you the best scenario that is ideal for your home or Sheboygan business.


Flower beds, edging, erosion control and more. It does not matter what the project is, if it takes place around your home, we can help.

Bed Edging

Keep your flower/garden beds looking healthy and great with the perfect edging.


Adding mulch to you garden or flower beds keep the weeds to a minimum and can add additional color to your landscaping.

Power washing

Keep your patio, walkways and driveways looking like new with a quick power washing to remove dirt, stains and other debris.

stump grinding

The tree is finally gone and now you are staring at the stump. Call us to schedule an estimate for removing that stump and bringing your lawn back to life in that spot.

property maintenance

We can setup to maintain your property on a regular basis. From spring cleanup to winter snow removal and everything in between.

spring Cleanup

Dethatching, brush cleanup, flower bed maintenance.

Regular lawn mowing

Setup a lawn mowing schedule to keep your lawn looking great all summer long.

Tree pruning

We can prune your trees so that they grow healthy and are not in the way of your walkways or driveways.

6-step fertilizer

Get ahead of the weeds and give your lawn a boost that lasts all summer long.


Thank you for taking care of my moms flower gardens today – looks amazing! Truly professional with kind helpful employees – We appreciate everything you do!

Amanda Kanzelberger